Sep 10, 2020
Instagram Checkout rolls out to all businesses and creators, Facebook releases Facebook Shops
Last month, Facebook announced its rollout of two new E-commerce features, one for its namesake social network and another for the enduringly popular Instagram. Facebook Shops, a new tab on the site, gives sellers more options for reaching customers. Instagram Checkout has been released for all eligible accounts, meaning shoppers can identify and purchase products from their favorite businesses, all without leaving the app. We believe both additions will help businesses and creators harness an uptick in online shopping over the coming months and years.
Instagram Checkout leaves beta
Instagram has announced a rollout of Checkout on Instagram from a small number of partners to all eligible U.S. business and creator accounts. With Checkout, Instagram users now have a seamless way of discovering, pricing and buying products via in-feed posts without leaving the app.
Businesses and creators can open up a shop using Commerce Manager, or via integration with one of their Ecommerce partners like Shopify and BigCommerce.
Instagram confirms that Checkout’s full rollout will allow creators to tag products from a brand’s shop in their posts. This is a big win for brands who work with creators and want to offer an easy product discovery and buying experience.
Finally, in addition to Checkout, Instagram has announced the ability for Checkout-enabled businesses to sell products through Instagram Live. This opens a new channel for product purchases, and gives Creators the option to link brand products in real-time. IGTV and other live formats have seen success during the COVID lockdown, with high growth and engagement. We expect this new avenue of product purchase to be explored by creators over the coming months and are excited to see the results.
Facebook Shops full release
Since announcing Facebook Shops back in May, Facebook has provided their first update on the feature, which will give brands new options to sell directly to customers through both Facebook and Instagram.
Facebook is releasing a new “Shops” tab, with a digital directory of businesses and creator direct-to-consumer brands. Facebook is also providing businesses with customizable design layouts for shops, the ability to automatically create new shops for new sellers or influencer partners, and new insights in measure in Commerce Manager.
Both of these new features enable brand partnerships with creators, and empower direct-to-consumer brands. With the growing trend of retail purchases being made online, and brands selling direct-to-consumer, we expect these features to be widely utilized and popular over the remainder of 2020 into 2021. This is likely to only increase Instagram’s dominance as the most popular social media platform for influencers and brands to connect with their audiences.