About Us
We are a team of digital marketers based in San Francisco. We run influencer programs for major retailers. Our backgrounds are diverse. Amongst us are photographers, illustrators, engineers, and project managers. We are all social media savvy and love working in this space with talented influencers who create awesome content. We run over a dozen campaigns each month with hundreds of influencers, and from this experience, we understood the importance of staying organized in order to save time and produce more.

Excel started off as our friend, but became our enemy as the number of elements needed to be tracked grew exponentially greater with each campaign. From keeping track of our extensive list of influencers we had relationships with, to finding new rising stars, each step involved several members of the team. We eventually built our in house tool to support our effort.

We just launched this October 2015, so bear with us if this tool is still being improved daily. Please do give our tool a test run and see if it can save you time as it does for us. Don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like a demo. Get in touch at demo@creatordeck.com. We look forward to hearing from you!